• The Beatles!

    Who are the Beatles?

    They are musicians. The Beatles are Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Star and Georges Harrison.


    Where do they come from?

    They come from England, from Liverpool.











    They are very famous!

    Here is a song by the Beatles: All together now!






    One, two, three, four


    Can I have a little more?

    five, six, seven eight nine ten

    I love you.
    i love you

    Can I bring my friend to tea?

    can i bring my friend to tea


    I love you.

    i love you

    Boom, bam, boom

    Boom, bam, boom


    Sail the ship,

    sail the ship

    Boom, bam, boom
    Chop the tree

    chop the tree

    Boom, bam, boom
    Skip the rope, 

    skip the rope

    Boom bam, boom
    Look at me

    look at me

    All together now.... 

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